Washington Post eyes a Cold-War Strategy against North Korea

The world is seeing new accomplishments of North Korea daily. They are launching new missiles daily and making USA very nervous. Recently Washington Post published an article mentioning that USA needs to go with the Cold-War Strategy if they want to deal with North Korea

Nobody in North Korea would have contemplated in their life that they would have to face the situation with USA in terms of direct nuclear exchange. If we talk about the numbers, then it is estimated that North Korea has around 20 to 60 nuclear weapons. United States on the other side has more than 1,500 which are currently deployed and they have more than thousands in storage as well. It will be a case of suicide for North Korea if they come face to face with USA in terms of nuclear powers.

But if we listen to Kim then according to him he wants to use his power for the greater good. The 33-year-old leader seems to have ambitious goals for how he would use this nuclear power by a global nuclear reach. Those who have watched him closely are speculating that he wants fight against USA as the recent China and Russian leader meeting with Trump hasresulted in both the countries changing their sides.

Nothing can be said for sure, but it’s quite clear that if Kim ever attacks USA, it would be a suicide mission for him and his whole country. So, we can only wait and watch for what comes next for USA, Korea and the whole world because if both the country engage in war, it will certainly affect all the economies around the world.


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