U.S. Drills in South Korea began Biggest Ever Military Exercises

The United States and South Korea began a most significant joint military exercise on Monday amid increased strains with North Korea over its atomic program and the resent ballistic rocket missile tests.

The five-day Vigilant Ace exercise incorporates 230 aircrafts and 12,000 military personnel which includes six F-22 and 18 F-35s, both with stealth abilities. As per the South Korean media, B-1 bombers will also participate in this exercise. However, the Air Force apparently declines this statement.

The Seventh Air Force said in a statement that the training, held every year in pre-winterand it isn’t in response to any of the provocation or incident.

The state media of North Korea said that the drills push the Korean Peninsula “to the edge of atomic war.”

Such language is ordinary in North Korean propaganda because the nation claims U.S- South Korean drills are an arrangement for invasion.

General H.R. McMaster said in an interview with Fox News, “The priorities that Mr. President gave uswa to move as quickly as we can to resolve this crisis with North Korea,”

He also said, “If necessary, the president and the United States will have to take care of it, because he has said he’s not at all going to allow this murderous, rogue regime to frighten the United States with the most destructive weapons.”

North Korea has said openly in the public statements that it needs an official end to the Korean War. The contention was ended by a 1953 truce, yet no peace settlement has been agreed upon.

It additionally needs short of full standardization of relations with U.S. also, to be treated with respect and as an equivalent in the worldwide arena.

While numerous South Koreans typically overlook North Korea’s talks, some senior American authorities have clearly expressed stress following the ICBM test which is the third test by North Korea.

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