Trump’s strict Immigration Policy to Cause New Problems

U.S. President Donald Trump has restricted the use of U.S. Passports that fly North Korea. This has been implemented since September 1. The administration of Donald Trump has taken stringent measures to stop the North Koreans from entering United States.

To thwart this immigration agenda by President Donald Trump, six attorneys have filed a law suit to suspend this Travel ban between United States and North Korea. The interaction between United States and North Korea is very minimal and with Trump’s decision of travel ban, it would completely stop the communication between these two countries.

The administration has taken this decision of Travel Ban due to the tragic incident that has happened to an American college student, Otto Warmbier. Though stopping the Americans from travelling to North Korea might restrict their freedom to travel, but it would prevent the American tourists from facing the similar consequences as Otto.

While tourists might face some difficulties with this travel ban, another set of people like Korean-Americans are trying to reunite with their family members in Korea. Students who would like to do their research in Korea and participate in education activities have been getting more affected.

Attorneys say that the Government should take some measures to increase the communication between the two countries so that the misunderstandings and verbal wars would come to an end with proper interaction.

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