Top UN Official Pays Visit to North Korea

It seems that UN has to intervene to calm down the tension between US and North Korea. A top UN official will visit North Korea at the invitation of the North Korean government. Jeffrey Feltman, the UN Secretary-General for Political Affairs, has scheduled his visit to North Korea from December 5 to December 8. This information about the official UN visit was released by United Nations press release.

“Feltman will discuss with DPRK officials issues and concern,” the UN press release noted. “He will probably meet with the United Nations Country Team and members as well as the diplomatic corps, and have a discussion at UN project sites.”

While in North Korea, Feltman is going to meet the senior North Korean leaders, but will not have a meeting with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. He will only meet North Korean Foreign Minister and other officials.

Feltman’s visit to the country comes after the country’s latest launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile, which took place on November 29. This new missile is known as the Hwasong-15 which is the largest missile of North Korea’s till date.

The UN delegation’s visit has come in progress due to multiple rounds of UN Security Council sanctions against the Korea for its ballistic missile tests.

The agenda of this meeting is to calm down the tension and stop the North Korean leader to increase his nuclear power as this could lead to severe tension between US and North Korea. We don’t know what would be the outcome of this meeting. As the UN Official is not meeting with the supreme leader, it is anticipated that UN Official would convey his message in a straight forward manner to the North Korean officials.

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