South Korea opens more Muslim-friendly restaurants

he Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) has encouraged the opening of 117 new Muslim-friendly restaurants across South Korea.

There are now a total of 252 spots that Muslim tourists can feel comfortable dining at.

“The Muslim-friendly restaurant classification system is a project that the KTO has been working on so that Muslim tourists in Korea will be able to enjoy their meals without any worry,” stated the organisation as quoted by

There are four different certifications for restaurants: “halal certified”, “self-certified”, “Muslim-friendly” and “pork free”.

Restaurants that are “halal certified” are those that only serve halal food and have earned certification from an external certification organisation, after an evaluation process.

Restaurants that are “self-certified” are those where the owners themselves declare that their menu only serves halal food.

Meanwhile, “Muslim-friendly” restaurants offer a selection of halal meals on their menus, as well as non-halal meals, while “pork free” restaurants do not contain pork in their products.

Out of the 117 restaurants that are being developed, 75 per cent are located in rural areas to ensure accessibility for halal foods in more areas, thereby offering further convenience for Muslim tourists. Moreover, of these restaurants, 71 are regular restaurants, while one is a franchise.

The KTO has announced that throughout the two months of September and October, they will be hosting “Halal Restaurant Week”.

They plan to invite renowned chefs to help promote these Muslim-friendly restaurants in Korea.

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