South Korea Has a Message for Trump: Hold Off On Military Tests until After the Olympics

In Pyongyang, South Korea, winter Olympics will be held & it will inevitably give a number of opportunities for players to showcase their talent to the world. But how would this happen if these memorable moments turn into a tensed environment because of the nuclear standoff?

Obviously, it will ruin the whole arrangements and make it useless altogether. So to maintain the tranquility during these Olympics, Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, addressed the media by saying that the joint military exercises of next year may get postponed until after the Olympics getsover.

Whenever there is a conflict between US and North Korea, the situation gets tensed and dangerous for South Korea. Moon Jae-in is trying to avoid such circumstances at all costs or else this might be the last Olympics to be held in the country.To exhibit the military strength of South Korea and the US, and to keep up the readiness for any potential war in the future, every spring these countries hold joint military drills. He is pushing to get the military drills postponed.

The tension of South Korea president is totally fair as North Korea always responds harshly to these military drills. South Korea is getting worried about what will happen this time as the Pyongyang area of South Korea has always been a conflict zone since 1987.

Now all the expectations are from Donald Trump, whether he will accept the proposal of Sir Moon or not. However, Moon addressed the media with a positive attitude when he said that the coming time would be more peaceful and Olympics is going to wind up peacefully without any kind of conflict or attacks.

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