Russian President Condemns North Korea’s Nuclear Test, Calls for Talks

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, condemned the latest nuclear test by North Korea on Tuesday and he also warned the country of using military force against Russia. He called it a road to nowhere and this road could be leading to a catastrophe of a global perspective.

north korea’s nuclear test

Putin called these tests as provocative, but he didn’t express any kind of willingness for imposing a little more sanctions on North Korea. He called these sanctions as ineffective and useless.

He said that North Korea’s neighbors should ensure that a military hysteria isn’t whipped up.

The most powerful nuclear test was conducted by North Korea on Sunday. This triggered warnings from USA of a military response of massive proportions. Rattled by this test, their neighbor, South Korea conducted live fire exercises on Tuesday at sea. This was their second straight military display day.

The President of Russia, who was visiting China for a leading emerging economies summit, told the reporters there that he remarked one of his colleagues that North Koreans would eat nothing but grass for the rest of their life, but they would never give up their nuclear programs. They would only give them up if they really don’t feel safe.

He added that all the parties that are affected by this crisis, which includes North Korea, will not face annihilation threats and step together on a cooperation path.

The UN Ambassador of Russia, Vassily Nebenzia also echoed the remarks by Putin that the sanctions against North Korea are not working and UN should bring a new resolution for North Korea to focus more on the political solution.

Nobody wants the ordinary people of North Korea to suffer because of what their leadership is actually doing, said Nebenzia.

Hope there is a political solution soon before there is an all-out war between North Korea and the United States.

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