North Korean Defector Finds Safe Place in South

It seems people in North Korea are surely not loving its dictatorship regime. Recently one person made a daring attempt and crossed the border. He was later rescued by the South Korean military.

North Korea now fortified its border with South Korea at the location where one of its soldiers made a dramatic yet daring bid for freedom earlier this month.

A photograph posted on Twitter by the US Ambassador in South Korea, Marc Knapper, showed a small group of civilian who were being watched by North Korean soldiers. They were seen digging up a deep trench where the defector had abandoned his vehicle and ran across the demarcation line on 13 November which separates the two countries.

Recently, a security camera footage got released by the UN command which showed the soldier get out of the vehicle after getting it stuck in a shallow ditch.

Maybe, South Korea and its allies have sought to exploit the defection. But, Gen Vincent K Brooks, commander in charge of the UN command, awarded commendation medals to six South Korean and US soldiers for their role in rescuing the soldier.

Three Soldiers went to help as he lay injured, according to one of the Korea Facebook pages. South Korea broadcasted the news of the defection across the border via loudspeakers. The broadcasts were so loud that it could be heard as far as 20km from the border. They also gave details of the defector’s condition that also refers to the pathetic situation of soldiers in North Korea.

The South Korean military probably will question Oh, the soldier, as soon as he recovers. A decision is yet to be taken as to who will support him for his medical bills, which are expected to exceed 100m won (US$92,000).

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