North Korea Depicted in a Different Light by Carl De Keyzer

North Korea Depicted in a Different Light by Carl De Keyzer

Carl De Keyzer is a famous Belgian photographer who in 2015, was given a rare opportunity to spend about 40 nights in North Korea and capture everyday life scenes of the country. This was one of the rarest of opportunities given to any world renowned photographer. He got to travel through each and every province in the country of North Korea and picturize all that he saw.

A British run Koryo Group organized this trip and it offered the photographer to accompany the guides from North Korea and photograph the provincial life for both the website of the travel company and his own portfolio.

Those photos are now going to be exhibited after two whole years. De Keyzer showed few pictures from the North Korean collection alongside some of his photographs from Cuba this weekend. These images portray the everyday life of North Koreans and the beautiful North Korean province.

This exhibit comes during a time when the tensions between North Korea, the completely isolated, closed-off country and the United States. These images offer a rare glimpse into the North Korean life. They are very different from what we speculate about the country.

Here are some of the photographs from the show by Carl De Keyzer:

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shooting practice

Shooting practice and training for Olympics by North Korean people.

north korean schools

Students studying their regular studies in North Korean schools.

north korean students

March past by North Korean students in a ground.

north korean infrastructure

North Korean infrastructure is shown in this picture. The poster shows how Kim Jong Un is advertised in the entire country.

natural beauty of north korea

The Natural beauty of North Korea is depicted in this picture. The photographer shows that North Korea isn’t just about bombs and army.

student explaining something

Student explaining something from a book.

music and dance

Music and Dance is also a part of North Korean culture.

As you can see, North Korea isn’t just a military country. It is way more than that.

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